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When an LDS Senior Mission Almost Kills You!: She Became Visible: Episode 044

Kelly Harlow joins her Mother, Jean Bodie, as they tell their stories of sacrifice, death, financial loss, fear, and faith devastation. The loss of your partner as a young mother is horrific. Kelly will share her experience with trauma as her husband is losing his battle with Cancer and her parents are recovering from a car accident the day they arrived in South Africa to serve a mission.


3 thoughts on “When an LDS Senior Mission Almost Kills You!: She Became Visible: Episode 044”

  1. Just wanted to tell all of you on this discussion that your courage and honestly was touching and interesting . Heart rending absolutely . I greatly appreciate hearing your experiences and your reactions to the events that you lived through . And how these events effected your confidence in the church’s truth claims .
    The suffering in this world has never been adequately explained in such a way that it makes any real sense to me. If God loves us , knows all things , and is all powerful ….( as we are taught ) then he either refuses to help us or he cannot . Either way , doesn’t work for me as a loving and caring father . Long story and too much to discuss here but I see the profound effects of suffering in your stories . And I’m 70 years old and have arrived at many of the same conclusions in my life . Through my personal experiences . Again ….a profound thank you for your shared stories .

    1. Thank you Mike, we all have hills and valleys for sure but basically being constantly told to be happy and dream of the next life is cruel. Thank you for your reply

  2. A senior mission DID kill my former father in law. After his African mission he died from a mysterious lung disease they could never figure out. Nobody ever points their finger at the mission. I guess that’s what happens when you’re devout.

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