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Christianity for Mormons: Where Will You Go: 027

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Marti talks to an Evengelical Christian, Eric Johnson.

00:04:26 What is a Christian ministry?

00:06:17 Are all Christians the same?

00:10:46 How do you decide which church to go to?

00:14:20 Getting burned from Mormonism. The case for Christianity over atheism.

00:16:51 Aren’t Christians churches losing members too?

00:18:48 The case for Christianity over atheism continued

00:25:31 How do you find the balance between too legalistic and too progressiive?

00:30:25 Either Christianity is true or not true. Black and white thinking or logically consistent?

00:40:14 What is a belief you changed?

00:48:54 Are Latter-Day Saints Christians?

00:55:21 Can Latter Day Saints be Christian?

00:59:35 What defines biblical Christianity?

1:08:38 Do Christians get lazy by focusing so much on grace?

1:12:47 Do you need to believe in miracles to be Christian?

1:16:34 Christian unity depsite difference in beliefs. Kalam cosmological argument.

1:20:34 Comparing Bart ehrman to Jana Riess

1:24:58 How do you know God’s authority is in the bible?

1:38:45 Christian councils. Why don’t they happen anymore?

1:42:13 How were the books in the bible decided?

1:47:35 Reading the bible and not getting anything from it. Different translations of the bible.

1:52:52 Do you have to have a literal belief?

2:03:55 Christians roll playing an atheist

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Podcast: Viewpoint on Mormonism by Mormonism Research Ministry:

Eric Johnson’s Book: Introducing Christianity to Mormons

Jana Riess Book: The Next Mormons: How Millennials Are Changing the LDS Church

Sean McDowell and Eric Johnson: Is There a Crisis in the LDS Church?:

Sean McDowell roll plays an atheist:

Conversations across difference divides:

Sean McDowell talks deconversion with Jon Steingard (from Christian rock band, Halk Nelson):

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Church Shopping?

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