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A Seminary Teacher That Defends His Faith: Where Will You Go: 028

Marti and Hayden talk about his background and why he engages publicly. They also talk about the foundation of morality. Hayden on the 2 Witnesses Podcast: Formal Debate LDS vs Calvinists: Sam Harris and Jonathan Haidt on Moral Relativism 00:00 Intro 00:03:13 Has the Church updated what is taught in Seminary? Are you discouraged from engaging publicly as a Seminary teacher? 00:07:40 How did the debate with the Calvinist Christians come about? Was the debate productive? 00:17:43 Atheists don’t make any positive claims and some tangents including interpretation of the bible. 00:27:01 Moral Relativism 00:32:55 100% certainty 01:00:41 Is street epistemology good? Do you need the belief in God to have a value structure? 01:36:46 Why are people choosing secular world views over religious world views? 01:56:37 Why is church history a problem for so many members?

1 thought on “A Seminary Teacher That Defends His Faith: Where Will You Go: 028”

  1. This episode was absolutely infuriating to listen to. Hayden’s stance and points were completely ridiculous and he should’ve had his feet held to the fire on multiple instances. The fact that he is allowed to teach kids these points of use as a relates to their way of thinking is borderline mental abuse.

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