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Prophetic Racism – From Doctrine to Disavowed Theories | Mormonism Live 142

In this episode, we delve deep into the controversial history of the LDS (Latter-day Saints) Church’s priesthood ban, shedding light on the untold truths and deceptions that shaped this discriminatory practice. From its mysterious origins to its lasting impact, we uncover a story that challenges the foundation of faith and reveals the complex interplay of faith, culture, and racism.


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1 thought on “Prophetic Racism – From Doctrine to Disavowed Theories | Mormonism Live 142”

  1. Exceptional episode last night, gentlemen. I realize that the formula for last night’s show entails a lot of additional prep and time, but the end-production is SO spot-on, powerful, and appreciated. Many thanks to you both (and Maven).

    If there is a single principle within Church governance that explains its rise to (and fall from) grace, it is The Apostolic Charge finally expressed publicly by Hugh B. Brown – long after it was laid as foundational bedrock. Throughout the pre-Information Age, that Apostolic Charge established a code of silence which permitted an endless parade of prophetic/apostolic expressions of divine reasoning on race (and countless other subjects).

    All along, the Apostolic Charge has afforded senior Apostles a divine right to spew hateful nonsense cloaked in the garb of God’s revealed truth.

    How could Brigham Young have been “a product of his time” on race, and the Brethren errantly followed his declarations for 150 years? I give you the Apostolic Charge.

    As time marched on, as the Church came to power, as the Brethren began to battle emerging historical information, as developing cultural/social/scientific/behavioral realities now confront the world at an accelerating pace, how is it that God’s one true church now constantly finds itself on defense – always reacting, always now being dragged kicking and screaming to do the right thing decades after most of humanity has already recognized past error and adapted? The Apostolic Charge.

    Time, advances in medicine (allowing leaders to live to 100 now), and the Information Age have all operated to expose the Apostolic Charge for what is:

    1. An essential catalyst for weaponizing faith to establish (and constantly feed) authoritarianism;

    2. An essential tool in perpetrating the longest-sustained financial fraud in American history; and

    3. A 100% man-made, unsustainable, and a now-unmitigatable cluster-fuck of a management principle for any business, church, government, or other organization.

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