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The Bureaucracy of Feeding LDS Starving Children

On August 16, “Mormon Land” did a fabulous podcast interviewing Brad Walker, Vice President of Bountiful Children’s Foundation, a non-profit designed to feed LDS children who are starving throughout the world. Brad describes his frustration with red tape and policies. Today Rene’ and Lila discuss the idea that a private foundation should request funding from the LDS Church.


2 thoughts on “The Bureaucracy of Feeding LDS Starving Children”

  1. I was a bit confused. I had listened to the Mormon land podcast and didn’t think of it as a women’s rights issue or patriarchy issue. I saw a man that was trying to fight through the LDS churches bureaucracy to try to help children. The conversation did come around to more of what I recognized. The church should make it a top priority as Lila indicated. More charitable give and no more temples!

    1. I can see why you didn’t hear my concerns. As a woman with zero power privilege in the LDS world, the fact that he felt comfortable and was successful in going above the hierarchy to contact stake presidents and area 70z to gain support for his personal and private 501c-3 was my point. I’m not ignoring his good will, just his privilege

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