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Jenn Kamp Tries to Get RFM Disbarred: RFM: 293

Radio Free Mormon shares with his audience the latest saga regarding Jenn Kamp. That in fact Jenn Kamp has attempted to get Radio Free Mormon disbarred. RFM explains the dirty little details in this episode and shares with his audience both what Jenn shared in her claims and what the Washington State Bar Association responded…. Did RFM get disbarred? Did Jenn Kamp have a viable claim? Can RFM continue to practice law? All this and more in today’s episode of Radio Free Mormon “Jenn Kamp Tries to Get RFM Disbarred”


1 thought on “Jenn Kamp Tries to Get RFM Disbarred: RFM: 293”

  1. RFM you and John must be on the most wanted list of tscc The truth you have taught about tscc has caused them huge problems

    To me it makes sense that tscc would do all they can to bring you both down They will do this in a sneaky but legal way

    I truly believe they are encouraging and backing Jenns attack on you I believe you are fighting against the all powerful and rich resources of tscc Tscc is so underhanded and deceitful Many good people have been destroyed by them but you have the rare courage knowledge and confidence to fight her and the powers that support her

    Stay strong Dont let them intimate or overwhelm you

    You probably cant comment on this

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