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Risky Business – Mormon Apologetics: RFM: 295

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In this eye-opening episode of “Radio Free Mormon,” host RFM joined by Rebecca Bibliotheca & Landon Brophy from the “Mormonish Podcast” delve into the complex world of Mormon apologetics, shedding light on a controversial connection between the apologetic group “Book of Mormon Central” and the LDS Church. Despite claiming independence, evidence suggests that the Church plays a significant role in funding and exerting directional influence when necessary. RFM explores the high-stakes nature of this intricate relationship. He uncovers how the Church’s involvement in Book of Mormon Central raises questions about transparency and accountability within the Mormon apologetics sphere. Is Book of Mormon Central truly an independent entity, or is it, in essence, a venture controlled by the LDS Church? RFM meticulously dissects the financial ties, organizational structures, and decision-making dynamics that blur the lines between Book of Mormon Central and the LDS Church. Through meticulous research and insightful analysis, he unveils the potential impact of this connection on the narratives and defenses presented by Mormon apologists. Join RFM and Rebecca Bibliotheca & Landon Brophy as they navigate through the labyrinthine world of Mormon apologetics, peeling back layers of complexity to reveal a relationship that challenges the notion of independence. This episode will leave you questioning the boundaries between faith, scholarship, and institutional influence. Don’t miss this episode of “Radio Free Mormon” that proves that sometimes, the riskiest business is the one happening behind closed doors.



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