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Shunning By Decree: Mormonism LIVE: 145

One LDS couple shares their experience about how the LDS Church tries to prevent members from sharing uncomfortable truths with each other.

5:00 Guest introduction
15:00 The video that started it all
24:00 Voting opposed 44:00 Fast & Testimony Meeting
50:00 Canceling church
58:00 Chatbot and circular reasoning
59:30 Aftermath of the testimony meeting
1:02:30 The nightmare
1:05:00 Email from the Bishop
1:15:15 Stake President meets him in the parking lot
1:17:00 Another fast & testimony meeting
1:37:25 The Cops show up at the house
1:50:00 A Cowardly Letter from Kirton McConkie
2:03:45 The Texts 2:17:15 In Closing
2:26:00 Calls Episodes mentioned:

The Rules of the Game:
Why Mormons Are So Fake: Radio Free Mormon: 079: Why Are Mormons So Fake – Radio Free Mormon
LDS AI Chat:

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1 thought on “Shunning By Decree: Mormonism LIVE: 145”

  1. I’m watching the 145 mormonism live and reading the live comments . I find it crazy that if some one speaks against the vaccine in any way all of a sudden it implodes into anti-vax crap. I have 2 children that are vaccine injured and- I am pro informed consent and there should always be a choice. If people are going to come on here and demand informed consent for any religion then the same demands should apply to medical procedures. There is nobody that has done research like moms of vaccine injured children and the doctors that see them and it gets really old hearing the same thing when not a single person that slams “antivaxers” has done the research. The same ones that bash the church for the tyranny and lying and deceit are the same ones bashing those questioning the science , which like religion, should always be questioned. Those of us that have researched, have facts but nobody ever talks about the facts. It’s just bashing .and it’s not political. It’s constitutional based. Which we should all be standing up for freedom on this.And they way it was handled was absolutely unconstitutional and against human rights. The reason we got so mad about the church doing what they did with masks and pushing the vax is -it’s NONe of their damn business unless you look at their profit margin from big pharma. That’s their bu$$iness. That was the last thing that broke my shelf. It was propaganda and manipulative and insanity. I don’t like being called antimormon either. I am pro spiritual freedom. I am all about informed consent. And thank goodness I have always questioned everything because it made it a lot easier to leave the church . Thank you Maven for shutting it down. This doesn’t need posted I just wanted to share . This isn’t the first time I’ve seen people instantly attack on this subject. Maybe you should do an episode on what informed consent means. It doesn’t only apply to religion and there seems to be a huge lack of respect in the ex-mormon world.

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