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Damn Those Blue Eyes! Calling Apostles and Prophets?: She Became Visible: Episode 56

It’s very difficult to balance human behavior with supposedly God behavior! The recent news release of OUR and Tim Ballard and his association with M. Russell Ballard is telling. I’m sure it is causing cognitive dissonance in hundreds of members of the LDS Church. Today we will contemplate the issue with “calling” men to lead the corporation with a clam to possess power from GOD!


6 thoughts on “Damn Those Blue Eyes! Calling Apostles and Prophets?: She Became Visible: Episode 56”

  1. I regret not having thought this during live last night. Please send this to Lynn Packer. I hope Lynn can submit his researched credibly more accurate accounts of Russell Ballard to Wikipedia. Wiki allows for anyone to submit changes to stories and histories. I also believe the church has a department assigned to monitor wiki info and if and when they see Lynn Packer’s changes to Russ Ballard history that department will make their changes and spin it too look like the story is accurate, by eliminating much of Lynns work.
    I also believe Lynn may know something nuances about wiki that I don’t. Thanks, sincerely, Jay

  2. Hello “She Became Visible”,
    Good episode with important info regarding LDS general history. However, I beg to differ with your comment ‘Jesus never started a Church.’ Please review Gospel of Matthew Chapter 16, which states in part ‘…you are Peter and on this rock I will build my church.’ 99.99% of Christians for 1,500+ years believed Jesus founded the Catholic Church. Only when the reformers separated themselves from the Catholic Church, did breakaway religious groups begin to say Jesus never founded a church, especially in last 200+ years. There was a time in LDS history when prophets said the restoration was all about restoring the original Church that Jesus founded. That original church, the Catholic Church, has been believed by all Christians now for almost 2 centuries. Please reconsider your position on this matter.
    Thank you for your time.

    1. I’ve thought that as well, Catholic beliefs of Peter seem more believable than a loss of teachings. I still believe however that Jesus was Jewish and was teaching contrary to Pharisees and not creating a new religion. This would be a Jewish sect. Regardless I believe the entire story is man made for control and power

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