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Navigating A Troubling Religion: MD: 389

In this episode of the Mormon Discussion Podcast, Bill Reel sits down with author John Moroni Hanson to delve into his memoir, “Navigating On Black Ice: My Mormon Life.” 📖🎙️

🔍 Book Synopsis: “An exploration of how an intelligent man found himself entangled in a troubling religion, ‘Navigating on Black Ice’ is an enlightening journey of coming to understand what you want. Author John Moroni Hanson unravels the threads of influence such as birth order, family, and identity, shedding light on the complex web that keeps people associated with the Mormon Church. From his process of breaking free to the painful journey of self-discovery, Hanson’s story is a testament to the power of healing, self-acceptance, and liberation from destructive emotions. This must-read memoir challenges beliefs and inspires personal growth with courage and compassion.”

Join us as Bill and John offer those with doubts and anguish a new path that seeks to priortize the the one over the system, offering insights that resonate with people from various denominations, students of religion and psychology, and those seeking to understand when the church asks too much. 🕊️💪

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5 thoughts on “Navigating A Troubling Religion: MD: 389”

  1. Bill, please pay attention to your guest. You are not that special. Let me repeat. You are not that special. Give up the attitude. When Moroni Hansen talked about being rebaptized in the church you took off your head phones showing total disrespect. Be part of Mormon Discussions or choose something else. Your attitude and demeanor will not be missed.

    1. I took of my headphones because my phone was making a noise and was out of reach. I’m sorry that such annoyed you but I had little choice. Thanks for messaging and for thinking so little of me.

  2. My ex had been raised Mormon. Because of it; he was adamantly against any religion. From what I witnessed living in Utah, leaving Mormon culture is not for the faint of heart. To say the social pressure is immense is an understatement. It’s literally a matter of psychic live and death. It also seemed to me that folks got just as much satisfaction intentionally excluding people not church affiliated. The writer is 100% correct that one can survive by filling the void or swapping the Mormon “identity,” with something else. But “selling” the void with sports, another hobby or distraction is dangerous. I haven’t (and don’t plan to) read the book; however, it sounds like it’s encouraging folks to slowly pull away from the church in the least disruptive manner possible. The problem is that they’re not being “sold” a true way of Life or guided correctly to the Truth. We weren’t put on this planet to live for our favorite football team. The writer’s advice sounds like it would also lead to death. From the outside looking in, Utah is both a beautiful and scary place, where Dysfunction rules regardless of Mormon status. The writer talks about renegotiating the arbitrary rules of Mormonism. These actually mean nothing. What matters are what your values are and what you begin to explore spiritually. I’ve found that those raised in the Mormon religion generally cannot distinguish (or understand interconnectedness) between values, their arbitrary rules, what they truly worship, intentions, and meaning. It’s a life of torture for anyone who can think for themselves and see the conflicts.

  3. Hi Bill – There was a lot of thought put into my last post. Is there a reason it was taken down? Did it violate terms or just simply offend to the point of necessitating censorship?

    1. It wasn’t taken down. It went into a que and needed approval as all comemnts do. We are a small operation with numerous sites so that sometimes takes a minute but your comment is now visible

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