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Heavenly Mother, are YOU REALLY THERE?: She Became Visible: Episode 60

Over the weekend of Oct 12, 2023, the FAITH MATTERS group held a conference entitled “Restore”. It was very well attended with both active LDS, PIMO LDS, Ex-mormoms, and those bracing their metaphorical shelves with metaphorical stored wheat under their beds ( they dont teach that anymore either) My initial response and continued feeling was “when are they going to bring the “Mormon Speakers”on stage? It was very evangelical and “Jesus” was talked about A LOT, something I rarely heard in my 55 years of attending. One of the speakers was McArthur Krishna and her subject was “Heavenly Mother”. This was a taboo subject in my day and women my age, professors and academic, well educated women, had been excommunicated and shunned for even speaking her name. Now, this happy, brazen, self-assured, women was pacing the stage, and testifying of her existence, even writing books for children that can help with the indoctrination.Well, TODAY, McArthur and I will discuss her presentation and her now authorized subject!



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