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A Tale of Two Testimonies: Mormon Sunday School: 001

Join Radio Free Mormon as we begin our study of the Book of Mormon using the Sunday School materials for the LDS Church.

Where you learn the stuff you’re never gonna hear in regular Sunday school!


1 thought on “A Tale of Two Testimonies: Mormon Sunday School: 001”

  1. I enjoyed your lesson. I have been on the journey of losing my faith in Joseph Smith and the Restoration. I was baptized in 1964 at 17. One of my questions has been what to do with the witnesses of the Holy Ghost as I served and bore witness to the truthfulness of the Gospel through the years. I cannot deny them. They represent answers to prayers and tender mercies that kept me close to the direction I believe Heavenly Father wanted me to follow. I can’t say that this path wasn’t good. What to do with a messy, dishonest, and untrue foundation? As a 76 year old widow who tried to be true to what was expected, I feel like I am 17 again and still lost for answers. Any more thoughts appreciated.

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