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Examining The Rigdon – Spalding Theory Part 1 | Mormonism LIVE 165

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Examining The Rigdon – Spalding Theory [Mormonism LIVE: 165] In “Examining The Rigdon Spalding Theory,” hosts Bill Reel and RFM embark on a journey beyond the familiar narrative of golden plates and angels. Delving into the Rigdon Spalding theory, they navigate the murky waters of historical documents and eyewitness accounts to present a compelling case for its consideration. By carefully laying out the best evidence, the hosts encourage listeners to critically engage with the possibility that the Book of Mormon may have origins rooted in Rigdon and Spalding’s collaboration. Join them on a quest for understanding that challenges established narratives and prompts a reevaluation of Mormon history. Chapters 00:00 Welcome & Intro 06:00 Quick Synopsis 11:00 Lines of Evidence 13:40 1: Rigdon in Pittsburg 01:07:00 2: Rigdon in possession of Spalding’s Manuscript 01:19:00 3. Rigdon & Smith met before 1831 1:58:00 Callers For next time: 3. Finish section 3 by discussing where God seems to include Rigdon in Mormon Scripture 4. Significant Overlap between manuscripts 5. Rigdon’s credibility issues discussed

Welcome to “Mormonism Live,” the ultimate talk show that delves into the messiness of Mormon history and theology while also tackling current events with a live call-in section at the end of every episode. Hosted by two trusted voices in the Mormon community, Radio Free Mormon (RFM) and Bill Reel, this podcast has been taking on the tough issues and exploring the nuances of the LDS faith for years.

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