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Historical Deep Dives by Bill Reel and Radio Free Mormon

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Deep Dives into approximately 35 (mostly historical) issues. This work was done originally on the Mormonism LIVE Youtube Show. These have been covered in the last 3 years on the Mormonism LIVE show and this doesn’t include all the deep dives that have been done in the previous decade on Mormon Discussion and Radio Free Mormon. Enjoy!!!

What Ever Happened To The Great Apostasy?

Tithing – Changing Doctrine from Interest/Surplus to Gross

Tithing but this time through the Lens of Past Handbooks

Why Most Latter day Saints Are Over paying Their Tithing By 1000s Of Dollars

Dysfunctional History of Sexuality within the LDS Church

1826 Trial of Joseph Smith the Glass Looker

Newly Discovered additional wife of the prophet Joseph Smith

The Story of Plural Wife Flora Woodworth

Plagiarism In Joseph Smith’s Mormonism

The Tar & Feathering of Joseph Smith History

The Evidence Laid Out That Joseph Smith was the Founder of Polygamy PART 3

The Evidence Laid Out That Joseph Smith was the Founder of Polygamy PART 2

The Evidence Laid Out That Joseph Smith was the Founder of Polygamy PART 1

The History of the Church’s Name from “The Church of Christ” to “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints”

he word “Mormon” or The day Gordon Hinckley threw Joseph Smith’s translation ability under the bus

The Evidence and Context of the invention of Richard Nygren by 5 apologists

Joseph Smith’s First Vision in Context: A Comparative Analysis History

A Historical Examination Of LDS Doctrine of Jesus Born On April 6th

Documentary History of the Racist Priesthood & Temple Ban

The JST: From Restored Ancient Text to Flawed Bible Commentary

Nauvoo Women Connected to Nauvoo Polygamy

Think Celestial – Proving “Celestial Marriage”, “Patriarchal Matrimony”, and “The New and Everlasting Covenant of Marriage” are synonymous with Plural Marriage

The Death of Free Agency in Mormonism

Did GOD Have Sex With Mary

Mormonism’s History of The Holy Garments

Kinderhook Plates Theory by LDS Apologists proves the Long Scroll and Catalyst Thoery for the Book of Abraham are False

The Kinderhook Fugazi

Gaslighting From Mormon Leadership History

The Two Hills Cumorah Theory

BYU’s Fight Against Modernity Past & Present

President Nelson’s Flight Story proven to be Fabrication


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