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Mormon Church Hires LGBT Ally as Head Spokesman – The Mormon Newscast 005

Mormon Church Hires LGBT Ally as Head Spokesman will be our lead story tonight. We will also be covering some news about Tim Ballard, Chad Daybell, an Alcohol trademark violation in Utah, and Grant Hardy’s Annotated Book of Mormon!


3 thoughts on “Mormon Church Hires LGBT Ally as Head Spokesman – The Mormon Newscast 005”

  1. I’m not sure exactly treating the Book of Mormon as a text means but I guess that could mean treating it like mythology full of stories with a message of morality and wisdom. But Bill is right there are better text’s for that. Calling Aaron Sherinian an “Allie in the struggle” for bringing the Woke agenda, shows me you characters have a head and heart filled with mush and evil. Whatever the over-steps church leaders have made, they have never promoted such Mental Illness as to not understand your born sex. The LGBQTransger is a wicked movement fostered from powerful and destructive devilish men & women who want to destroy western Christian civilization. Cutting off your genitals, taking hormone blockers, are final and not reversable. The idea that any intervention for gender dysphoria should be gender affirming in nonsense. We do not let people self-diagnose what surgeries they need without rigorous medical exams. And a threat of a law suit if it was mis-diagnosed But as soon as a child feels they were born in the wrong body, push back is forbidden. Theripists, surgeons, hospitals, judges and even Joe Biden support this nonsense. This dark side of your agenda blocks out any light you wish to shine.

  2. My critical comment on this episode was not posted. You criticize others but suppress criticism of yourselves. I think Paul Toscano included this trait in his characteristics of a tyrant. The Sedition Acts seem to be well in place for the LDS Church and the “conglomeration of LDS church critics”, and the Biden Administration ( Jan 6, Woke-ism, etc).

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