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Streeter’s Thoughts: Where Will You Go: 033

Marti gets to chat with a particularly evil apostate, Jonathan Streeter, who is the creator of the Thought on Things and Stuff blog and Youtube channel. They talk about his content and how his focus has changed over time.

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1 thought on “Streeter’s Thoughts: Where Will You Go: 033”

  1. Bravo! Great episode. To me it seemed like Streeter was equating the trans experience with being in a cult, an opinion with which I couldn’t disagree with more (if true). To me, a binary definition, which many folks think they need to align themselves to, is misguided thinking on a grand social scale. Evolving as human beings means being true to ourselves and loosening the bands of the cult in culture. Pink or blue? How silly. And I so loved hearing Streeter’s take – stuff I’ve never heard before. Great interview! Thank you.

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