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LDS Church Buys Kirtland Temple [The Mormon Newscast 012]

On Tonight’s Program we discuss the recent purchase of the Kirtland Temple by the LDS Church. And with over a week having gone by since the Community of Christ having transferred not only the temple but also historical documents and other property we look at the overall picture of the transaction. We will also look at recent data coming out about what happens to those who leave the LDS Church. And we take a look tonight at LDS Apostle Elder Renlund’s recent tying up of BYU students in order to teach them about how one is bound by covenants.


1 thought on “LDS Church Buys Kirtland Temple [The Mormon Newscast 012]”

  1. I’m struggling to put the morning news cast into my podcast feed. I can’t seem to find it when I search for it.

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