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Rosebud Files Bar Complaint Against RFM! [Radio Free Mormon: 331

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The drama continues for Radio Free Mormon as Anne McMullin Peffer (Rosebud) files a Bar Complaint against him. This will be the third bar complaint in less than a year but with RFM 2-0 against Bar complaints in the last 12 months and undefeated even when one includes appeals, one must wonder if Kamp’s Kompany has any chance to strike back against our unfettered hero. Well, we are about to find out. Testing 1,2,3… Testing 1,2,3… Please Donate to the Radio Free Mormon Podcast by visiting here Thanks so much for watching! Please like, subscribe, and leave a comment! Visit our Channel to find everything Mormonism! or @MormonDiscussion Our mission at Mormon Discussion is to be a beacon of support for those who are questioning the truth claims or renegotiating their relationship with faith. Our podcasts like “Mormonism Live,” “Radio Free Mormon,” and “Mormon Discussion” offer a safe space for Discovery and healing. But we need your help. Your donations power our work – expanding outreach, improving content, and creating new initiatives. Visit or and make a difference today. Your support empowers us to empower others. We are a 501C3 Non-Profit and your donation is tax deductible inside the United States Thank you for being part of the change. Together, we’re making a real impact.


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