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Who Is Mormon Convert David Alexander [Mormonism Live 172]

Recent LDS Convert David Alexander has been making waves sharing his conversion and testimony everywhere. David claims to have been an Evangelical Pastor and having spent 47 years in Evangelical Christianity before being converted to Mormonism only a few months ago. But what happens when Bill Reel and RFM go digging into David’s background? Where did David spend those 47 years? What was he doing during that time? And who is David Derush… This ain’t your standard gathering the 12 Tribes in Israel lesson in Sunday School… But something has been gathered and you won’t want to miss out.


1 thought on “Who Is Mormon Convert David Alexander [Mormonism Live 172]”

  1. What a great show. I need to have my friend watch! I had told her I was no longer interested in church and she urged me to watch the videos by David Alexander because they were faith promoting. She had met him in person at an activity he planned for his utah YouTube crowd. She has spoken to him also by email. It sounds like he has a lot of fans in northern Utah, including a few divorced ladies and widows. Thank you for bringing this to us.

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