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Temple Interview Questions Updated [The Mormon Newscast 017]

In this week’s program we take a look at the new script after the Temple Interview Questions update. We also take a look at the Leaders in the Red Chairs at conference and see if everything is as it appears. We round out the show checking in on how parts of Asia align themselves with the Word of Wisdom and what is the aftermath of the major eclipse.


2 thoughts on “Temple Interview Questions Updated [The Mormon Newscast 017]”

  1. I served my mission in Germany to help the church grow in Germany they need to allow beer it’s a big part of German culture

  2. Excellent Mormon Discussion episode Bill! The church’s example here speaks to a perfection culture within the church that’s afraid of showing its weaknesses and vulnerabilities. It starts from the top down in this case. The Church needs to be always shown as “perfect” and this messaging is also expected of its members but we’re only HUMAN! There is a fakeness to the membership because there is constant pressure to always present yourself as the “perfect” family, the “perfect” homemaker, the “perfect” children, priesthood holder, etc. It’s an expectation and image that no one can live up to but we all continue the facade because we’re not really allowed to show our imperfections or doubts without being shunned or looked down upon by other members.

    Elder Uchtdorf’s message that the Church isn’t a museum for the saints but a hospital for the sinners is a great ideal but it isn’t the reality in the mormon Church. That’s why members lie during their temple recommend interviews, why LDS Bishops and Stake presidents pretend to be perfect when they themselves are dealing with their own human issues with sexuality and family problems. They lay down judgment upon other members who confess their sins knowing full well that they often struggle with the same issues but they aren’t allowed to show their imperfections lest they be dishonorably released and cause embarrassment to their family. President Nelson’s AI conference talk is emblematic of what is plaguing the lds church. The Church is FAKE and encourages its members to be fake also.

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