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Britt Hartley: No Nonsense Spirituality [Mormon Discussion 391]

In “No Nonsense Spirituality,” author, philosopher, and friend Britt Hartley offers a groundbreaking exploration that marries the rigor of rational inquiry with the depths of human spirituality. Best of all? No faith in the unbelievable is required. Drawing from the wellsprings of science, philosophy, religion, and psychology, this illuminating work charts a course for those who seek a meaningful life without dogma or woo. Hartley draws on her work as an atheist spiritual director to provide practical guidelines for navigating a secular approach to ritual, morality, awe, transcendence, wisdom, community, intuition, connection, and meaning that can withstand the harsh truths of reality. With wisdom gleaned from the best of rationalism and the timeless insights of religion, “No Nonsense Spirituality” offers pathways to the good life that honor the complexity of the human experience. Engaging, thought-provoking, and deeply resonant, this book invites readers to explore a new understanding of what it means to live the good life in the middle of a culture that ranges from cold skepticism to the unhealthy truth claims of religion and pseudoscience that cannot stand up to modern sensibilities.

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