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Latter-day Saints Disagree on The Race Ban [The Mormon Newscast 022]

On this week’s Newscast we discuss the discrepancy between those who proclaim the Racist Priesthood and Temple ban came from God throwing God under the bus and those who are throwing Prophets under the bus seeing the ban as a invention of the racist Leadership. We also explore the health of early Morning Seminary Students, The latest on the Temple Steeple fiascos, and recent news about how women are feeling disregarded.


1 thought on “Latter-day Saints Disagree on The Race Ban [The Mormon Newscast 022]”

  1. I should wait until the episode with Shawn McCraney is published but I have to say. I have more faith as an atheist than I did as a Mormon. All I had as Mormon was shame and guilt and endoctrination. I purposely spell with an e vs I to show that endoctrination is created from men’s ego.

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