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Shawn McCraney: Full Circle Defending Mormons [Mormonism Live 181]

This week we sit down with Shawn McCraney who once was a Mormon himself and after leaving has for decades been a vocal critic of Mormonism and the LDS Church. We take a look at Shawn’s life journey and his recent acknowledgement of coming full circle.

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00:00 Welcome

10:00 Clip

19:15 Is he Universalist?

27:00 Why not trust others’ stories?

35:00 Metaphysical experience

42:00 Post-millenialism

46:00 Scriptural evidence for Jesus returning before 70AD?

47:00 The “bride” of Jesus a bunch of Jews

52:00 The “beast” isn’t Nero?

54:00 “This Generation”

55:15 So what about today then?

01:02:00 Faith & works(love?)

01:03:45 The alternative to offer the fans.

01:07:25 In/errant Bible?

01:10:45 Ralph Waldo Emerson

01:18:00 Never-denominational

01:20:00 Caller: Kolby

01:23:00 How is your epistemology more than “I just know”

01:26:25 Bill leaving made him better

01:30:45 Caller: Ted

01:40:00 Caller: Jared


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