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Book of Mormon Anachronisms & John Clark [Mormonism Live: 184]

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LDS Apologist John Clark has spent considerable time on Book of Mormon Anachronisms both showing the number of them in the past that existed and then suggesting that many over time have been reconciled and pointed to such as evidence that the Book of Mormon is in fact historical. But what do we find when Radio Free Mormon and Bill Reel and guest host Rebecca Bibliotheca take a deeper look at Book of Mormon Anachronisms.

3:00 Hill Cumorah a “Clean Hill”
11:00 BOM Claims Video
16:00 1842 Claims
23:50 “Bat Creek” Stone
31:15 Why use the 1842 claims?
42:00 Status of BOM Claims in 2005
59:00 Two Rivers 1:05:00 Swords
1:13:30 Human Sacrifice
1:12:45 Wild Beasts
1:19:00 Status of BOM Claims in 2023
1:26:50 The dumb ass
1:48:00 Bonus: The Smithsonian Letter
1:58:00 Reverse Anachronisms

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