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LDS Church Updates the Hymnbook [The Mormon Newscast 023]

On this week’s Newscast we explore the LDS Church’s evolution of its hymnals. We also explore the recent happenings in the Chad Daybell case, the Temple Zoning meetings has an update we will share, and an update on Church growth


2 thoughts on “LDS Church Updates the Hymnbook [The Mormon Newscast 023]”

  1. Thanks for all you do. I am proud be a subscriber. Rebecca you may already be familiar with this website but I will send the link just in case.
    Go to the Phoenix Temple and read the long story of how the community forced the church to change the design of the temple including a full basement so the height of the temple would be kept to the zoning requirements. They did in Phoenix, it should be possible other places.
    M. Evans

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