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PREMIUM: Newell Bringhurst: Saints, Slaves, & Blacks

Today with Sit down with Newell Bringhurst, Author of “Saints, Slaves, and Blacks: The Changing Place of Black People Within Mormonism”.  We discuss how the Priesthood ban came to be and how the false doctrines around it originated.  We talk about the 1978 removal of the ban and work up to present day discussing the […]

Radio Free Mormon: 030: MTC Sex Scandal Investigation Update

RFM gives us an update into his legal pursuit to un-redact the highly Redacted Provo Police report and to retrieve the Provo Police Audio evidence of their interview with Joseph Bishop.  Hot on the trail RFM will not take No for an answer! Copies of requests and responses thus far

Cognitive Dissidents: 10: Tattle Tellers, Narcs, and Snitches

Today on the Cognitive Dissidents Podcast, We explore the Institutional mechanism of “Tattle Telling”.  We explore both the Formal mechanisms as well as the informal.  How High Demand Fundamentalist Religions incorporate ideas such as the internet being bad, that questions are good but doubts are bad, and how cultures of reporting people for discrediting the […]

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Radio Free Mormon: 29: Church Sex Scandal Cover-up Part 2

RFM revisits the latest developments in the Joseph Bishop case, including his attempts to further unredact the the Joseph Bishop police interview report, access the Audio interview, His discovery after much work to get his hands on the “David Jordan” LDS Church dossier which was accidentally sent and used by Greg Bishop both father and […]

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PREMIUM: What Is Left?

WHAT IS LEFT??????? 1.) The Church has distanced itself from power of the Priesthood every conference talk about a priesthood blessing taking place ends with the person blessed dying We have now shifted to “faith not to be healed” being greater than faith to be healed The supernatural god-magic miracles of of the past have […]