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Where Will You Go: 001: You Can Belong No Place and Anyplace

How a former member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints navigates the feeling of not belonging anyplace while still actually belonging every place. Great tips for fostering friendships with people who don’t think exactly like yourself. The Restoration Table The moral roots of liberals and conservatives – Jonathan Haidt […]

Mormonism LIVE: 053: One Year Anniversary

Mormonism LIVE: 053: One Year Anniversary RFM and Bill Reel kick of the second year of Mormonism LIVE with a look back of the past 52 weeks since Mormonism Live’s inception. We look at the favorite episodes of both us and the viewers. We look back at any funny moments, and wonder where the next […]

Marriage on a Tightrope: 113: Giving Day

November 30th is Giving Day!  Help Kattie and Allan in their efforts to continue their work in the mixed faith arena by donating today. Donations can be made on the official fundraiser page or via venmo (@marriageonatightrope). On this episode Kattie and Allan share a few unique emails and fun connections they’ve made through the […]

Mormonism LIVE: 051: Denver Snuffer

Wednesday Nov. 24th, RFM and Bill sat down with Denver Snuffer and discuss his life and the happenings around the Christian fellowships of “the Remnants” movement. Denver Snuffer is an author of Restorationist devotional books, a lecturer, a speculative theologian, and a revelator to fellowships of the remnants movement, a spiritual movement in schism with […]

Rameumptom Ruminations: 028: Even if the Criticism is True

While listening to a recent Mormonism Live episode from September 2021 called episode 39 When mission presidents behave badly, implications of Elder Oaks famous quote became glaringly uncomfortable in Scott’s mind. In this episode, Scott makes the connection between Elder Oaks explanation of the logic behind his teaching and the actual practice within the church […]

Go Gray Dame: 001: She is now Visable

René Steelman is a retired Interior Designer with a degree in “life experience”. Having parented 6 children and indulging 14 grandchildren, her eyes where recently opened to truths and knowledge formally not given to her. Her podcast addresses women especially living their 3rd act with hesitation and self-doubt. In today’s episode of “Go Gray Dame” […]