222: Adam Miller Future Mormon

Today I sit down with Mormon Philosopher Adam Miller.  It’s his third time on the program and we talk about his newest book “Future Mormon”.  We talk about various aspects of the book which he wrote to his children and to future members of the Church.  What will the future of Mormonism look like?  Time […]

188: Perspectives: Adam Miller

Following up on our ‘Perspectives’ Series, we sit down with Adam Miller.  Adam is the Author of “Rube Goldberg’s Machine”, “Letters to a Young Mormon”, and “Grace is not God’s Backup Plan”. Adam offers his thoughts and expresses his ruminations on Mormonism and how he makes some of the difficult issues work and the hard […]

127: Adam Miller: Letter to a CES Student

How concerned should we be with Mormonism’s historical truth claims?  Are we missing the point entirely by debating historocity? Today Guest Host Jon Young talks with Adam Miller about his popular post “Letter to a CES Student”, a response to Jeremy Runnels’ “Letter to a CES Director.”  Unlike debunking efforts at FairMormon, Miller’s response is […]

047: Adam Miller: Rube Goldberg Machines

Today we sit down with Adam Miller, Philosopher, Theologian, and Author of the book “Rube Goldberg Machines : Essays in Mormon Theology”. The Book can be found at Greg Kofford Books http://www.gregkofford.com/products/rube-goldberg-machines-essays-in-mormon-theology and at Amazon as a Kindle edition –  http://www.amazon.com/kindle-store/dp/B007RQIQ7E We speak at length about Grace and Adam concludes offering some great advice for those […]