203: The Life and Trial of John W. Taylor

Today we talk about an episode few in the Church know about… the life and Disciplinary trial of former Apostle John W. Taylor. Brother Taylor continued polygamy after the 1890 manifesto and even after the 1904 second manifesto and today we talk about his trial searching for insights into this episode in Church history of […]

068: Fisher’s of Men

Today’s episode focuses on discussing some assumptions about what we know about the 12 Apostles in the Meridian of Time.  We use as a backdrop for this episode an article titled “Fishers of Fish, Fishers of Men” where non LDS author Jerome Murphy-O’Connor discusses the Historical context of these men were.  We end this episode […]

025: Prophets & Apostles

With General Conference coming up, this episode explores what Prophets and Apostles are, why it appears the prophets and apostles today are different from those of the old world, why they are different from even Joseph Smith of this dispensation, and what we are to make of it.  We conclude asking if revelation still occurs […]