Mormon Awakenings: Episode 017: It Ain’t So Binary

Jack Naneek discusses a monk’s enlightenment as he walks through the market.  Our binary world is examined and compared with the less binary views of the East. Maybe the atonement represents a transition between the two? In the end, we realize we might be able to understand life as more than just a series of […]

223: Throwing In With Jesus

Today I sit down and explain why I maintain faith in Jesus Christ.  I share my grapple with the historical Jesus and why logically and spiritually I throw in with Jesus.  I hope this is helpful in your journey to lead with faith.

201: Robert Reynolds: Unstuck

Today we sit down with LDS author Robert Reynolds.  He has written the book “Unstuck” – How The Savior Frees Us From Our Favorite Sins .  We talk about letting go of trying to “work our way to heaven” and instead focus on reliance on Christ and his grace.  We talk about willingness to be on the […]

055: Nick Galieti: James Rasband and the Atonement of Christ

Nick Galieti steps in this week to guest host this episode of MormonDiscussion.  He has put together a masterful gospel discussion on the Atonement using James R. Rasband’s talk “Faith to Forgive Grievous Harms: Accepting the Atonement as Restitution” The complete talk can be found here Nick Galieti Host/Producer – “The Good Word” […]

015: Britney Hartley Pt. 2

Part 2   MormonDiscussion interviews Brittney Hartley. She discusses her faith journey which took her out of the church and then back in. She also discusses several topics important to the sisters of the church offering a better framework to support the sisters in their their faith and with the issues that concern them.To reach […]

008: Defining Doctrine

Have you ever been taught in the church that – the Earth was 6,000 years old? – All native Americans are Lamanites? – Evolution is absolutely false Have you discovered some comments by leaders that are racist and offensive? Have you ever heard a crazy opinion from a leader that you disagreed with? Many of […]

006: Grace: Perfected in Christ

Grace – One of the most important principles in the Doctrine of Christ is so often misunderstood in LDS circles.  Many feel Grace is only a last minute booster that assist us once we have done all we can do.  Is that really what the church teaches?  This episode is spent giving a synopsis of […]

004: Doctrine of Christ Pt. 3

In this episode we focus on Grace, Mercy and their role in Justification and Sactification.  This discussion leads us into the following podcast on Ordinances Good Works. Resources to help one study these topics Brad Wilcox “His Grace is Suffcient” – Gerald Lund “Salvation By Grace or Works” – Robert Millet  “Grace, after all we […]

003: Best of Stories and Parables in the Church

This episode of Mormon Discussion shares with you short snippets from some of the best talks in the church. The snippets used are the stories and parables that have touched me and I hope after listening you might take time to check out their talks to see these stories in their context. My podcast in […]