Mormon Discussion Podcast: 350: Brittney Hartley – Mormon Philosophy Simplified

Today I sit down with my good friend Brittney Hartley.  We discuss primarily her book Mormon Philosophy simplified.  While doing so we end up exploring life. Astrology, Sam Harris, tribalism, Divine Feminine, raising children in the Church, Sapiens, myth, Christmas, spirituality, relationships, Enneagrams…the list goes on! Mormon Philosophy Simplified : by Brittney Hartley  

POST: Faith Crisis And Penguins

Faith Crisis And Penguins Brittney Hartley 11/14/2016 When I was a young child I learned all about birds. I learned that birds could fly and that they laid eggs. I presented reports about how they had feathers and beaks. With my friends at school I learned stories about all different kinds of birds and their […]

170: Perspectives: Brittney Hartley

Continuing our PERSPECTIVES series we sit down with former guest Brittney Hartley.  She has been one of the podcasts biggest supporters and has traveled the path of faith reconstruction.  She sits down with me and we chat about that transition and what that means for her beliefs today. If you live near the Boise Idaho […]