Almost Awakened: 043: Mirror, Validate, and Have Empathy

Today we dive into how to handle conflict differently. The conversation centers around what is needed to help people get out of lizard brain and to help another to feel heard creating the space needed to keep a conflict from devolving. The conversation helps us understand how fear affected us hundreds of thousands of years […]

146: David Barker: Science and Religion

Today we sit down with LDS author David Barker and discuss his book “Religion and Science: Reconciling the Conflicts”.  We talk about seeking truth, trusting prophets, Evolution, and the Flood.  This episode goes to show that we all see the the gospel and the world differently and that just when we think we have the […]

108: Russell McConkie: Genesis Evolution

Today Guest Host Jon Young sits down with LDS author Russell McConkie and discuss his book “Genesis Evolution.  Do science and religion really have to be at odds with each other? Are they compatible? Does there really need to be a debate about evolution vs. God?   What if Moses actually understood the science behind the […]