Mormon Discussion: 356: Global Flood Apologetics

Today we tackle how Apologetics seeks to address a Global Flood by making allowances for the flood to be local and for one’s beliefs around the flood to not be a issue for one’s standing on the LDS Church.  But is that the real heart of the issue?  We demonstrate that a Global Flood is […]

POST: Problems With a Global Flood

This article was copied from Problems with a Global Flood Second Edition by Mark Isaak Copyright © 1998 [Last Update: November 16, 1998] this site will continue to link to his page until his page no longer exists and then will be copied here to preserve his work. Contents 1. Building the Ark 2. Gathering the Animals […]

146: David Barker: Science and Religion

Today we sit down with LDS author David Barker and discuss his book “Religion and Science: Reconciling the Conflicts”.  We talk about seeking truth, trusting prophets, Evolution, and the Flood.  This episode goes to show that we all see the the gospel and the world differently and that just when we think we have the […]

142: The Flood and its Barriers to Faith

Today we talk about the Flood.  Noah, the Ark, the animals, etc….  The trouble with this topic is that a Global Flood seems so unreasonable and full of problems and a local flood is full of deep glitches as well.  We attempt to talk about both sides, sift through the problems and contradictions and see if we […]