251: Resolution For Conversion – Trace Rogers

Today’s Episode is hosted by Trace Rogers.  Trace volunteers as the Website Manager for Mormon Discussion Podcast.  He has been with us for over a year and has worked tirelessly behind the scenes to improve your listening experience.  Almost all of the site’s improvements over the past year and it functionality behind the scenes is […]

121: Steve Gregg and The Narrow Path

Today I sit down with Steve Gregg,  Host of the radio program “The Narrow Path”.  He has a two radio programs, a website, and is also the author of two books.  He is a minister within Evangelical Christianity and graciously gives us some of his time.   We talk about shifting paradigms, faith crises, The historical […]

020: What is Real Faith

  What is FAITH? How does it relate to Knowledge? Is FAITH a choice? Why should it be a choice? Do we have to KNOW the gospel is true or is there value in just HOPING and ACTING enough? Is it more esteemed to have FAITH or KNOWLEDGE? Is DOUBT part of FAITH? How can […]