167: Chelsea Sheilds: Faith Healing, Medicine, and the Placebo Effect in Mormonism

Can skeptics debunk faith healing and priesthood blessings as mere placebo effect?  What can people from strong faith and cultural backgrounds learn about their healing practices from scientific and secular sources? In this episode, guest host Jon Young discusses social and faithful healing practices, modern medicine, and how they relate to the placebo effect with cultural anthropologist and […]

162: AJ Balukoff: Mormon Democrat

Today Jon Young sits down with LDS politician A.J. Balukoff.  A.J. Balukoff was a Democratic candidate for Governor of Idaho in the 2014 elections.  In today’s episode Jon navigates between the world of LDS faith and politics. He hits on the following about being a Mormon Democrat – Abortion law and social solutions – Gay marriage […]

127: Adam Miller: Letter to a CES Student

How concerned should we be with Mormonism’s historical truth claims?  Are we missing the point entirely by debating historocity? Today Guest Host Jon Young talks with Adam Miller about his popular post “Letter to a CES Student”, a response to Jeremy Runnels’ “Letter to a CES Director.”  Unlike debunking efforts at FairMormon, Miller’s response is […]

108: Russell McConkie: Genesis Evolution

Today Guest Host Jon Young sits down with LDS author Russell McConkie and discuss his book “Genesis Evolution.  Do science and religion really have to be at odds with each other? Are they compatible? Does there really need to be a debate about evolution vs. God?   What if Moses actually understood the science behind the […]

106: Jon Young: Faithful Framing

Today I sit down with Jon Young.  Jon will hopefully be guest hosting the podcast at times and I wanted to give listeners a feel for his journey, how he frames faith, and what trials and challenges he has been through.   I hope you enjoy this episode and please be on the look out […]