151: Come Join Our St George Support Group

            Today is a short episode (12 minutes to be exact), but has some important information. 1.) We are starting a “Lead with Faith” support group in Southern Utah. We already have some interest expressed and I am very excited to get this off the ground and be a part […]

039: Bushman helps others on Faith Transitions

http://rationalfaiths.com/bushman-babies-bath-water/ This was the first in a proposed long list of firesides held by Richard Bushman and Terry & Fiona Givens.  The effort was made to assist those in faith crisis so that they might make it through their dark night of the soul to the other side where peace can be found and do […]

023: Chris Reeve Pt. 1

Part 1 of my interview with Chris Reeve.  Chris is a friend of mine who used to live in my ward and served with me in Leadership Callings.  I always appreciated his intellect and way of seeing things from a different vantage point then me.  We discuss his faith, inoculation against troublesome material, and how […]