160: Female Ordination?

Today I sit down with two great friends of mine: Suzette Smith and Chris Bloxham. We talk about the possibility of female ordination. What would it look like? Why is ordination important to some sisters in the Church? Would female ordination be the same as male ordination – or something different? We take a look […]

112: Amy Cartwright: The Role of Women

Amy Cartwright sits down with us today and talks about Women in the Church, why Priesthood for Women would be helpful, and speaks out about the Ordain Women Movement. http://ordainwomen.org/full-list-of-profiles/ http://ordainwomen.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2014/05/OWDiscussion2KnowtheHistory.pdf  

107: The Cost of Discipleship

To be a Disciple of Christ is more than to follow him.  It is more than to be inclusive, to be kind, to be compassionate.  It also has a cost.  It is uncomfortable.  It requires us to be challenged and to be pushed to our limits.  Today we talk about that cost and why the […]