Rameumptom Ruminations: 018: From BYU Faculty to Apostate with Kajsa Berlin Kaufusi Part 1

In this special episode, Kajsa Berlin-Kaufusi joins the podcast to talk about her time working at BYU. As faculty at BYU, she worked in the ancient scripture department teaching religion courses. We discuss the documentary hypothesis and how others in her department dealt with the uncomfortable concepts of scriptural historicity. Our conversation ran long. I’m […]

Radio Free Mormon: 062: The More Things Change – IN THE TEMPLE – The More They Stay The Same

RFM and Bill Reel take on the recent Temple changes and dissect the historical context of these changes, why these changes indicate regardless of how Leaders want them portrayed, and tackle the blatant lying in the First Presidency Statement. RESOURCES: 2019 Temple ChangesHistorical Overview of Temple ChangesOath to Avenge the Blood of the ProphetTemple Cursings […]

The Asherah Grove: 005: A Woman’s Church?

Suzette breaks down a FAIR Mormon talk by President Sharon Eubank – and the Ensign article based on the same talk. She discussed the frame the LDS church gives to women, LDS Doctrine on women, female language around Priesthood (or the lack thereof), and ideas for partnership. ANNOUNCEMENT from Suzette: I am aware that my […]