POST: Mormon Apologists and Ad Hominem

Laura Hales – You once again show your true colors. For those who say apologists don’t engage in Ad hominem – take a look   Laura Hales tonight came onto one of my post and made a personal attack that is inexcuseable   Her First Comment “Bill Reel I’m neither critical, delusional, greedy, fame-hungry nor […]

POST: True Doctrine & Homosexuality

In Mormonism the word Doctrine is important, even crucial.  It is so important that members are counseled when teaching to stick to the Doctrine.  We reinforce this with scriptures like D&C 88:77 “teach one another the doctrine of the kingdom” And entire lessons structured and centered around “Teaching the Doctrine” Doctrinal boundaries are so important […]

Post: Three Strikes…Am I Out?

                    Three Strikes…Am I Out? – Feb. 12, 2017 : from an anonymous listener After more than a year of inactivity, I am going back to church now. The motivator is that my youngest daughter is seven, and in May is scheduled to get baptized. She […]

Post: My Testimony of the Restored Gospel

The Testimony of Bill Reel, host of Mormon Discussion Podcast First Vision: I have a testimony of the First Vision – I have a testimony of the 1832 account where Joseph in a visionary experience or dream like state had an experience with the divine, felt he had in vision seen the Lord, and felt […]

POST: Faith Crisis And Penguins

Faith Crisis And Penguins Brittney Hartley 11/14/2016 When I was a young child I learned all about birds. I learned that birds could fly and that they laid eggs. I presented reports about how they had feathers and beaks. With my friends at school I learned stories about all different kinds of birds and their […]

POST: Not So Modest Stipends Stifling Faith

Recently due to some leaked documents the general membership learned at least roughly what our leaders get paid.  We know that Elder Eyring in the year 2000 was paid roughly $90k and that in 2014 all top male leaders were informed that they were having their “base living allowance” increased from $116,400 to $120k.  The […]

POST: Problems With a Global Flood

This article was copied from Problems with a Global Flood Second Edition by Mark Isaak Copyright © 1998 [Last Update: November 16, 1998] this site will continue to link to his page until his page no longer exists and then will be copied here to preserve his work. Contents 1. Building the Ark 2. Gathering the Animals […]

POST: Duty Bound to Reject It!

Wheat & Tares welcomes guest poster Bill Reel once more for a discussion on the recent policy changes. The recent policy change on Same Sex couples has opened so many new questions, ramifications and doctrinal contradictions that in spite of our being burned out and numb by all this, it needs be revisited.  I hope to […]