POST: The Dominant Narrative Is Not True

Richard Bushman recently said “The dominant narrative is not true”.  Essentially that the story Mormonism has told about itself is not holding up to scholarship and critical thinking.  One has to wonder what Bro. Bushman meant.  Today I wanted to venture to guess both exploring what I think are the greatest contradictions in Mormonism’s narrative […]

POST: Various Voices In Mormonism

We are at a Crossroads in Mormonism.  For the first time ever we live in a generation where information of broad scholarship and deep reflection is available to all who have a computer or smart device and a internet connection.  In this cultural milieu people are able to step outside insular beliefs and are opened […]

POST: Mormonism is a Cafeteria Mormon

Often Progressive Mormons are accused of being a cafeteria Mormon.  But once you realize just how much Mormonism contradicts Mormonism you realize that not only is every member a cafeteria Mormon, but Mormonism itself is a cafeteria Mormon.  Once one sees this, one may realize that there is much more room and space for oneself […]

POST: Data Points Every Orthodox Mormon Should Know

We Mormons know so very little of our history.  I felt it would be beneficial to share Ten Historical/Theological Points that Every Latter-day Saint should be aware of.  Included will be resources and links to learn more as we will attempt to be as brief as possible with each issue. #1  –  FIGURATIVE BELIEFS Some […]

POST: The Church as a Father Figure

  Originally published on Wheat & Tares Blog The Church as an abusive Father Recently an acquaintance of mine explained that he didn’t understand me and saw my being vocal of problematic Church issues as being critical of the Church and hence being on the wrong side, and that if I felt this way I should […]

POST: My Nuanced View of Mormonism

To the Orthodox believer, your Mormonism is so vastly different than mine.  I honor your perspective and I know there are many that hold it.  I simply can’t.  My life experience is so drastically different that the only way I can stay in the Church is to be permitted to hold my space which will […]

POST: Across the Parking Lot

Across the Parking Lot Submitted by a Listener It’s a question that many parents have heard or may be hearing soon: “Do I have to take Seminary?”  This questions means so much more these days. In my home, with my daughter, it’s not about boredom.  It’s not about opening up space in a high school […]

POST: Questions Are To Be Honored

“God’s kingdom, where questions are honored” – Elder Oaks       HERE ARE MY 20+ SINCERE QUESTIONS I HOPE YOU WILL HONOR BY ANSWERING EACH OF THEM AS THEY ARE. These are sincere questions I have that would go a long way to resolve my doubt and even more my frustration.  It doesn’t even matter what the […]

POST: A Nuanced view of Tithing

D&C 119 renews tithing in this dispensation as a commandment and hence every week Latter-day Saints grab envelopes next to their Bishop’s office and/or sign into to pay their tithing on 10% of their income.  Yet have you ever stopped to ask what is income?  Some people pay on gross, others on net, and a few pay […]

POST: John Paulien Stages Of Faith

PLEASE BE PATIENT: FORMATTING OF THIS ARTICLE IS IN THE WORKS Stages of Faith From time to time I have made presentations on stages of faith, how people of faith develop through the seasons of life. Many people have asked me to put some of that in writing so I am posting a summary of […]

POST: Russell Hancock on Testimony and The Church

This is a transcript of unprepared remarks by Russell Hancock 1st Counselor, Menlo Park Stake Presidency to the Valparaiso Ward Elders Quorum 6 May 2012 I’m grateful for the invitation to speak to your quorum. My objective today is to tell you about my faith journey and offer up some conclusions and observations. I’m going […]

POST: Joseph Smith and His Critics – July 29, 2008

by: Richard Bushman Increasingly teachers and church leaders at all levels are approached by Latter-day Saints who have lost confidence in Joseph Smith and the basic miraculous events of church history. They doubt the First Vision, the Book of Mormon, many of Joseph’s revelations, and much besides. They fall into doubt after going on the […]

POST: A Nuanced View of Prophets

For the Orthodox Believer who believes that Prophets are near perfect men who literally speak face to face with Jesus and God here is a faithful article that helps us see it is not that simple.  We explore this topic to help show that there is more nuance than that.  Let’s Explore. I validate that […]