Rameumptom Ruminations: 027: A Few Responses

It’s been a long few weeks of covering the recent General Conference. Last week Scott covered the last session and finished his assessment with a few final thoughts. This week, Scott responds to a few comments and messages that he’s received from listeners. The episode covers a variety of subjects from my motivation for covering […]

Marriage On A Tightrope: 012: Question and Answer

Listeners submitted common questions and comments they receive from their spouse, friends, and family members about their faith transition and mixed faith marriage.  Allan and Kattie try to answer the questions the best they can from their experience. Disclaimer: Allan and Kattie speak from their experience and are not giving professional advice or counseling.

264: Gone Are The Days….. (Version 2)

I was broken.  I was mad.  I was frustrated.  I was sad.   I was at an impasse and I prayed for the Church to create real space for truth seeking.  Please….. Please……  Make a safe space…….  I need you and hope for you to truly honor my questions by having a vulnerable conversation about them.  Please hear my heart. […]

206: Loyal Opposition

Today we talk about the quote from Conference from Elder Oaks Some of this opposition even comes from Church members. Some who use personal reasoning or wisdom to resist prophetic direction give themselves a label borrowed from elected bodies—“the loyal opposition.” However appropriate for a democracy, there is no warrant for this concept in the […]

POST: Questions Are To Be Honored

“God’s kingdom, where questions are honored” – Elder Oaks       HERE ARE MY 20+ SINCERE QUESTIONS I HOPE YOU WILL HONOR BY ANSWERING EACH OF THEM AS THEY ARE. These are sincere questions I have that would go a long way to resolve my doubt and even more my frustration.  It doesn’t even matter what the […]

095: Julie Willis: Asking Questions

Today I take a look at a recent talk at BYU Idaho by Julie Willis.  The talk titled “Gaining Light through Questioning”  speaks of several concepts that we speak of often here on Mormon Discussion and which would benefit those struggling in a difficult faith transition.  So sit back as we dissect this talk and hit […]