Rameumptom Ruminations: 027: A Few Responses

It’s been a long few weeks of covering the recent General Conference. Last week Scott covered the last session and finished his assessment with a few final thoughts. This week, Scott responds to a few comments and messages that he’s received from listeners. The episode covers a variety of subjects from my motivation for covering […]

Rameumptom Ruminations: 006: Spiritual Bypassing

In this episode, Scott discusses the various types of spiritual bypassing common in the Mormon church and offers a few ways to interact with our friends and family that unknowingly bypass us emotionally. Wrapping it all together, Scott looks to Ernest Hemingway for inspiration on how to emotionally deal with a spiritual bypass. John Welwood […]

137: Our Own Little Rameumptoms

Today we talk about rameumptom and how we use the pulpit in Church.  The Zoramites used the rameumptom as a place to stand and proclaim to God their gratitude for making them more favorable and as a soapbox for proclaiming one’s “rightness” and “Righteousness”.  We take a look as our culture in terms of talks and testimonies […]