Stories For Mormons: 015: Seven Woes to the Prophets and Elders

This Episode will explore the idea of “likening the scriptures unto us.” Specifically the scripture found in Matt. 23. The primary idea explored is the concept of “Institutional Sin,” as opposed to “individual sin.” We are then left to wrestle with the idea of “Institutional Repentance.” I welcome your opinions and thoughts about “Institutional Repentance,” […]

Stories For Mormons: 009: Metanoia

This episode looks at repentance, which is the translation of the Greek word “Metanoia.” We all have grown up with an understanding of what the word repentance means. Does the word that it was translated from “Metanoia” have more depth to how it can be interpreted? Feel free to listen to my take on the […]

140: Chris Reeve: Church Discipline

Today we sit down with Chris Reeve, a dear friend of mine, and we discuss Church Discipline.  We hit this topic from a historical perspective and build from there.  We speak about scriptural relevance for Church discipline, how while wanting a big tent, the tent must still exists.  We talk about Early Church leaders who […]