178: Emotional Gut Punch

Today Chris Bloxham sits down to discuss the emotional roller coaster ride that the last 7 days have been.  How leading with faith is getting near impossible and Cynicism abounds.  I don’t have all the answers today and and I no longer know where all this leads but I have always tried to be authentic […]

177: Reflections: John English

Our series of Reflections of Latter-Day Saints who are struggling at present with the Church.  We have started this series after the policy change affecting those in a Same Sex Marriage and their children.  Today is John English.  If you wish to have your voice heard in this series email me at  [email protected] or message […]

175: Same Sex Policy Changes: My Thoughts

Tonight I have released a short episode sharing my thoughts on the policy changes that occurred today which imposes a view of those in Same Sex Marriages absolutely as apostates and which withholds ordinances from children of same sex couples without the child doing anything wrong with their agency.   It is my Mormon right […]

147: The Truth About Marriage

We tackle a article from Meridian Magazine How Will Children Know the Truth About Marriage If We Don’t Teach Them? By Wendy Asay · May 10, 2015 http://ldsmag.com/how-will-children-know-the-truth-about-marriage-if-we-dont-teach-them/ she syas this – “We can help our youth discern the truth regarding those claims by giving them solid information and reasoned arguments from secular as well as […]