143: Robert Keeley: More Than Ages & Stages

Today we sit down with Christian professor and Author Robert Keeley and speak at length about his perspective on James Fowler’s Stages of Faith.  Mr. Keeley is the author of the book “Helping our Children Grow In Faith”.  He has also written numerous articles including many on stages of faith.  We talk today about how […]

134: Jon Westover and Bill Reel on Faith Transitions

Today Jon Westover returns to the Podcast to have a discussion with me regarding Theories of Development.   We Discuss James Fowler’s Stages of Faith, William G. Perry’s Scheme of Cognitive and Ethical Development, and Jon Paulien’s Stages of Religious Faith.  We talk about the Dark Night of The Soul and how one can safely […]

129: Dark Night of the Soul

Today we talk about James Fowler’s Stages of Faith but we do so using two perspectives that have built on Fowler.  As a background for our episode we use the following articles http://www.faithformationlearningexchange.net http://www.thebattleofarmageddon.com/stages_of_faith.pdf With these as a backdrop we will discuss how hard the Dark Night of the Soul is but also show it […]

126: Stage 4 Mormons: Episode 3

Ryan Boothe joins us again today for another episode of “Stage 4 Mormons”.  Ryan has a unique knack for hitting subjects in a unique way that helps us gain insight into this Fowler’s Stage 4, that many of us find ourselves in.  My heart was pricked by some of what he says and I pray […]

111: Stage 4 Mormons: Episode 2

Ryan Boothe joins us again for another episode of “Stage 4 Mormons”.  His podcasts are designed to help those in what Fowler labels as Stage 4 in his Stages of Faith.  Are you having a hard time?  Are you struggling?  Well Ryan is here to try and help and ease your faith transition.  His discussions […]

041: Moroni 7 and Fowler Stage 5

http://www.pbs.org/mormons/interviews/holland.html  <—Holland PBS Interview The Book of Mormon, says Critics, is a made up Book of Fiction created Joseph Smith as a hoax as he pulled the wool over our eyes.  I can’t see it that way.  I see the Book of Mormon as deep and full of spiritual insights.  I see the Book of […]