POST: Not So Modest Stipends Stifling Faith

Recently due to some leaked documents the general membership learned at least roughly what our leaders get paid.  We know that Elder Eyring in the year 2000 was paid roughly $90k and that in 2014 all top male leaders were informed that they were having their “base living allowance” increased from $116,400 to $120k.  The […]

205: Tithing Part 1- Surplus

Today we had hoped to start a 3 part series on tithing.  In this first part we focus on validating 12 reasons why SURPLUS is the most valid interpretation of “What income should I pay 10% on?” (Surplus, Net, or Gross).  We had planned to do two more parts where in part two we defend […]

POST: A Nuanced approach to Tithing

To the Orthodox Believer who still holds belief that Tithing should be 10% of your gross income, this article was written to show there is more to it then that. I completely agree that our Church has been very comfortable with the general Membership interpreting tithing as 10% of one’s gross income.  While there is little […]

042: Tithing: a nuanced view

What is Tithing?  Many love to jump in here and state their definition and unknowingly impose it on others.  But what Does the Lord say and perhaps more importantly for us as Latter-Day Saints, what does the Church say on this matter officially.  Is tithing paid on Gross wages, net wages, or leftover after all […]

038: Rock Waterman: Pure Mormonism

Today we interview Rock Waterman, author of the blog “Pure Mormonism”.  Rock shares with some of his views: his testimony of the gospel restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith along with his struggle at times with current Church Policy and Doctrine including such things as tithing, sealings as marriage, and others.  While I find Rock’s […]