Almost Awakened: 049: Accepting Your Humanity

Today on the Almost Awakened Podcast we talk about how we judge ourselves and judge others and our behaviors as good or bad. But there is a challenge to step back and to see others in their humanity. To comprehend the trauma that is handed down to each one of us and to sit with […]

268: The Spiritual Trauma of Mormonism

****Episode Warning**** : This episode discusses in a raw way  the trauma and abuse in Mormonism.  For those who feel triggered by such a conversation please avoid or at least avoid listening to this alone.  This episode should be listened with others who honor and validate your faith journey.  People whom you can press pause […]

227: Warning Signs of an Unsafe Group

This one was painful to do.  Yet if we are ever going to become Zion we need to be able to honestly look at ourselves in the mirror.  Do we have the traits of an unsafe group?  Do we have a safe space for folks to develop faith within?  Today I tackle what general warning […]