Almost Awakened: 004: The Top Five Catalysts for Awakening

Today we tackle the Top 5 Catalysts for Awakening. Those would be Meditation, Reading or deep profound learning, Travel, Psychedelic Substances, and Existential Crises. We also throw in a surprise 6th towards the end. We hope you enjoy. Please email us your questions and comments at AlmostAwakened AT Gmail DOT Com and visit us at […]

Almost Awakened: 003: Vulnerability

In Episode 3 we tackle vulnerability. What is vulnerability, when is the risk worth being vulnerable, what do safe space look like, how to lean into it, and so much more. We talk about vulnerability with your sacred stories, with your sexuality, and with who you are at your core. We hope you enjoy. Please […]

286: Guilt Shame And Leading With Faith

Today’s Episode is split into three segments.  In segment #1 Bill Reel addresses guilt and shame and shares an experience from his personal life.  In segment #2 Bill makes a plea on behalf the Mormon Discussion team in order to keep this work going.  And Bill concludes by addressing the criticism that he no longer […]