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Mormon Discussion: 312: 2018 General Conference Rumors, Predictions, and Why!!!

So many of the public voices have their sources for inside info.  I like them have mine.  Recently I was made aware of several potential announcements coming out from General Conference about about a week ago.  Today’s Episode dives into the Rumors that are out there, the Inside info I have, and the reasons why these changes would happen.  I am more certain about some of these, less certain about others, but for the nuanced, liberal, or non-believing Mormon such things make tolerating conference more bearable and almost interesting!!!

1.) Males and Females can go on Missions at 18 and serve 24 months: these combats the severe decline in the # of Missionaries serving.

2.) The One year waiting period across the board if one has a civil marriage first. – The removes the tension this is causing many and relieves one item on the shelf of some who step back due to Mormonism’s abusive mechanisms.

3.) Going to a 2 hour block as the standard.  This relieves those who are overly burdened in callings and it allows a ward to get by with less people due to the exodus of members.  It also allows those who don’t feel uplifted to more easily justify continued attendance.

4.) Missionaries to serve only in the country they live.

5.) for those going through the endowment for the dead, reducing the endowment session to 1 hour.  Again reducing the burden and boredom of younger members who lack the same blind commitment to the Church that their parents and grandparents had.

6.) This one seems mundane but is at the heart of the rumors.  The SLC Temple will close for a 5 year renovation.  If this one comes to pass, I trust the other 5 even if not implemented are being discussed in depth in top Church circles

7.) The temple interview made less rigid and less about keeping belief standards to accommodate a younger generation walking away from activity and adherence to Church standards.


12 thoughts on “Mormon Discussion: 312: 2018 General Conference Rumors, Predictions, and Why!!!”

  1. I have one more:

    The discontinuation of the monthly testimony meeting in sacrament meeting.

    Those meetings have often deviated from what the church leaders would like to see. There have been many conference talks and letters to wards to correct the behaviors, but to no avail.

    Also, there have been recent viral videos of dissidents using those meetings to state their opposition to policy, share difficult facts, reveal their sexual orientation, or call-out an abuser in their midst (Joseph Bishop).

    Trust me, these meetings are on the chopping block.

      1. Thank-amonies! Omg, they’re the worst. Going down the list of who we’re thankful for, spouse, kids, ward, friends, blah blah blah… (no mention of the Savior though)

  2. I went to church yesterday, and enjoy every little bit of it.
    Sunday doesn’t burn me out, but all the extracurricular activities and preparing stuff like Mutual, Ward & Stake Activities, Seminary, and countless other meetings.

    Sunday Lessons have never burn me out. It’s all the other stuff.

    I hope your predictions are true, because I have been sharing some of these… and I don’t want egg on my face by people saying. So much for your predictions!! Your full of crap.

    I hope to see a vibrant church full of intelligent discussions, and deep connections, I want to move the church to that end of the spectrum. I will do my part to create that from within, even if I ruffle feathers along the way.

  3. Love your podcast Bill. These changes that are rumored/predicted would be steps in the right direction for the church if they occur. (Although much more would have to change for me to feel comfortable with the idea of attending and participating again.)

  4. Why all the negativity? “Mormonisms abusive mechanisms”? Really?

    Jesus died on the cross for our sins and to make way for us to become resurrected and all some members can do is complain about a three hour block on Sunday or complain about using the full name of thr church? If some of us cannot follow the simple things what makes you think the Lord would reveal more scripture or commandments?

  5. Hmmmmm…
    Even with allll the mega historical problems and lies and fraud and leaders being far less honest in their dealings than members (VIP free pass from Jeez Us?), the real problem is their demeaning, “threatening with love,” bullying behavior (not of Jesus) and bullying to Obey Them and not question this BS, and training members to police this for them too. The Jeezus Not-Sees?

    We can pretend like the “Emperor’s New Clothes” all we want, but, their beyond holy attitudes and abusive and threatening Pharisaical actions and attitudes (D&C 121 free pass too…) toward members is the biggest problem of all, Jesus said.

    Some members imitate their self-righteousness, and they are just as horrid.

    With their holy highness we are stuck in Pharisee hell on earth (Matt 23), what LDS define as Satan’s plan. This remains a problem till leaders get off their asses and denounce their free passes and set a real Jesus example, like He said for them to do. Till they step down from their high worshipped horses to apologize and repent like members are expected to do, like Jesus told Them to do first and especially Matt 7.

    These are the changes in conference?

    Without this, there will continue to be serious problems in “Zion.” Saint’nism will continue to rule in Jesus’ name (Matt 7:20-24).

    Simply bringing back the real Law of Common Consent/Dissent would go far toward this goal, without threatening, forcing, coercing, shaming agreement with all their errors, which they already admitted in conference. Members are supposed to just “Obey and not question erroneous leaders?” The opposite again of what Jesus said.

  6. By the same token Bill,

    If these predictions don’t come true then you will have lost credibility. Hope all these positive changes do take place.

  7. No credibility lost Bill! You got a couple of the predictions right so your sources are telling you good info. Many of the other predictions could follow with news releases between conferences, etc. Great podcast and thanks for the ongoing work.

  8. My my.

    Time has told, and your source has definitely proven itself!
    Other than “missionaries only serve in their own countries”, just about all of these have been announced since your prediction.

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