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Mormon Wellness Project: 016: Mistakes Were Made but Not by Me

In this episode Wendy Perry illustrates the harm that self-justification can do to individuals and organizations. “Mistakes were made, but not by me”, has become an all too common trope in modern culture. This “past-exonerative” positioning allows us to avoid true apologies and taking responsibility.  Through fascinating stories we learn how our brains trick us […]

** Premium Episode until 04/18/2018 **


Today On Mormon Discussion, We discuss Seers.  What is a Seer within the Old Testament.  How does the Book of Mormon frame such a word.  What is Jesus as heard through the D&C stating?  How about Moroni as a spiritual post-mortal being?  How does the modern Church today define a Seer?  And lastly is the […]

Mormon Awakenings: Episode 032: Maybe You’re Not Alone

Jack Naneek shares stories of worry and grief.  Most of us experience loneliness.  Most of us experience anxiety.   But, people from all places and across all cultures also share stories of comfort, healing and help from beyond.  Maybe something bigger is watching us, helping us, and loving us.  And that’s comforting indeed!

Mormon Wellness Project: 015: Anger Management

Wendy explores anger in the master class on how to manage this sometimes confusing emotion. She makes a case for the benefits of channeling the power of anger as well as teaching us how to avoid its potential pitfalls. Some personal stories are shared and good old brass tacks advice on communication in marriage and […]

** Premium Episode until 03/17/2018 **

295: Sam Young – Protect The Children

Today we sit down with Sam Young and discuss his effort to protect Latter-day Saint children.  Sam shares the why of his involvement in this issue, what he is doing to accomplish this, what would need to change, and how the Church is reacting.  We talk about transparency, forthrightness, and the shielding of this institution […]