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PREMIUM: Stages of Faith: South Edmonton Alliance

This Episode is Audio from outside the Mormon Discussion Podcasts.  This is a sermon from another faith on “Stages of Faith”. We revisit a series where we have taken audio where those of other faiths work to explain and teach the stages of faith.  Today is the South Edmonton Alliance. Here is a sermon given […]

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Cognitive Dissidents: 012: Elevation Emotion

Today on the Cognitive Dissidents Podcast we discuss Elevation Emotion which is the idea that  Elevation is an emotion elicited by witnessing virtuous acts of remarkable moral goodness. It is experienced as a distinct feeling of warmth and expansion that is accompanied by appreciation and affection for the individual whose exceptional conduct is being observed. […]

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Radio Free Mormon: 033: Selling Your Soul for Apologetics

RFM takes issue with the Logical Fallacies, Deceptiveness, and Blatant Lies by LDS Apologist Dan Peterson in his article “Defending the Faith: The supposed scandal of multiple First Vision accounts”.  In the article Daniel Peterson goes to great lengths to frame the public awareness of the multiple first vision accounts in a faithful context.  Sadly […]

Mormon Wellness Project: 027: The Long Awaited Day: Wendy Perry Unscripted

formerly listed as episode 26*****trigger warning–contains unvarnished dialogue and quotes from church leaders regarding race which may be disturbing to some listeners. Language may not be appropriate for all ages. In honor of the 40 year anniversary celebration in Salt Lake City today, June 1 2018 commemorating the 1878 revelation which “allowed” blacks of African […]

Cognitive Dissidents: 11: Gaslighting

Today on the Cognitive Dissidents Podcast we discuss Gaslighting. What it is, where it originates and how it is a deeply unethical mechanism that institutions use to shield themselves from accountability.  We then use Mormonism as an example and run through 4 major issues wherein Mormonism uses Gaslighting.  We use the article “Mormons, you aren’t […]