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Cognitive Dissidents: 11: Gaslighting

Today on the Cognitive Dissidents Podcast we discuss Gaslighting. What it is, where it originates and how it is a deeply unethical mechanism that institutions use to shield themselves from accountability.  We then use Mormonism as an example and run through 4 major issues wherein Mormonism uses Gaslighting.  We use the article “Mormons, you aren’t […]

Mormon Discussion: 300: SEERS

Today On Mormon Discussion, We discuss Seers.  What is a Seer within the Old Testament.  How does the Book of Mormon frame such a word.  What is Jesus as heard through the D&C stating?  How about Moroni as a spiritual post-mortal being?  How does the modern Church today define a Seer?  And lastly is the […]

Mormon Wellness Project: 023: Washing off the Glue: The Most Important Thing you will ever Teach your Kids: Plus Bonus Essay “Crazy Talk”

Talking to kids about how to work through emotional pain may be easier than you think, and probably more essential.  With the pressure to have the all important “Birds and the Bees” talk, Wendy makes a case for the value of preparing kids for the  hurts in life as well. By teaching kids a few simple […]